Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cook Book on Anxiety

Wilma Jean - the Worry Machine

There are several things I really like about this book that offers children in grades 2-4 strategies to deal with worrying.  First, it uses humor which is generally useful for children who have the "what if" thougths a lot. Second, I like dividing worries into those the individual can control and the ones they cannot (like what others will do).  Finally, I like the worry hat as a place to put worries that children cannot control.  I am not sure labeling anxiety as the worry flu was a good idea.  Most experts in anxiety want the child to label the anxiety, name it, and talk about it as something external to them (example, worry monster).  I read this book with a number of children and groups this week and each time I did not like the phrase "worry flu." It sounds like the child with the anxiety has a sickness.  I will still use the book but not emphasize that part and at times even sure that I think there are better ways to label worries.

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