Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Is it a big deal or a little deal?

This book and CD from YouthLight is one of the favorite new resources I purchased at the VSCA Conference in the fall of 2014.  I taught a lesson to each of our 6 second grade classes using the interactive book, song, and posters in December.  We used to teach the DeBug Problem Solving steps to all kindergarten student and review them in grade 1.  That helped because most of the students had learned that they have to solve small problems themselves.  I like this because it does not emphasize tattling, but rather teaches specific strategies for various types of "little deals." The interactive book worked well on the class Smartboards and it is colorful and has motion which holds the students attention. At the end of the lesson I had them draw and label a "little deal" and a "big deal." For the "little deal" they had to use an appropriate strategy from the lesson.  The teachers love the strategy "I'm in charge of me!"  The CD also comes with a printable poster set.  I gave each classroom teacher a poster after the lesson to refer back to when students forget that they are in charge of l\"little deals." This is definitely worth the purchase price.

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