Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Reflections

I hope all school counselors are doing lots of self-care over the winter vacation.  I know I have loved having time for long walks.  My life lesson of 2014 was the take away from the tragic accident at our school, which resulted in the sudden loss of a parent.  Since that day last February I have reminded myself every single day, live this day well because you don't know if you will have a tomorrow.  It really is a new mindset for someone like me who spent way too much time worrying and being anxious about tomorrow.  I did write a to do list for 2015.  It will serve to remind me of my priorities like doing more yoga, going on a trip, taking time to enjoy nature.  The job of a school counselor can become consuming.  Find ways to nourish your own spirit.  I am looking forward to getting some additional ideas from a new book I just heard about, "A search for Health, Happiness and a Full Night's Sleep."  Enjoy the rest of your well deserved break!

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