Friday, January 23, 2015

Study Skills Groups at Lunch - Organization

I run 4 study skills groups at lunch (2 for grade 3 and 2 for grade 4).  To maximize time and attendance I have a few tricks.  Each member has their own folder.  On the left is their pre-assessment and an attendance sheet.  As soon as they sit down (before opening lunch) they mark their own attendance.  The columns indicate: present, did not come, absent from school.  They make a note if there is a reason they were in school but did not come to group (example: taking a make-up test).  This has made a huge impact on attendance and responsibility getting to the session every week.  We meet the same day of the week for the entire second and third quarter.  These groups are my SMART goal for the year and where I am hoping to have outcome data for the counseling program.  In the right pocket is a pencil, their goal. and any papers we do or a summary of each session.  At the end of the first quarter we cleaned out the folders and sent the work home (with a cover note from me indicating the child's attendance at group and what we are working on next).  We wrote goals at the beginning of the second quarter when the group started and wrote new ones at the start of the third quarter.   Some students revised the original goal but others had met the first goal and set a new academic goal for third quarter. So far so good for all 4 of these groups. I think it is important to model the importance of various aspects of organization.

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  1. I am in awe with the number of small groups you run throughout the year. If you are ever willing to share specific group plans (overall outlines and/or session details), I would love to learn from you.