Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Channeling Boys Feelings Effectively

I have had the pleasure of seeing Rosalind Wiseman present 3 times.  She is an internationally recognized expert on girl bullying, but has spent the last several years explaining the "Boy World" to audiences.  You can watch her basic talk on You Tube about helping boys based on her research for Masterminds & Wingmen Wiseman on helping boys cope The part of her talks and book I find most useful is the SEAL structure to put words to feelings and develop a strategy to approach another person.  SEAL stands for 
1. STOP and SET it UP
4 LOCK in 
I think teaching the SEAL process of upper elementary and middle school boys is very valuable.  I encourage you to read this book. I have recommended it to many parents (especially mothers) to give them insight into their sons.

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