Thursday, February 2, 2017

Choose Kindness Theme: Books Kindergarten - Grade 3

Our district has adopted MindUp and Second Step as the foundation of our tier 1 lessons because they are evidenced based. Both curriculum encourage the use of literature to supplement the lessons. MindUp has a strong emphasis on optimism and lesson in both the K-2 and 3-5 curriculum to teach gratitude and kindness. Here are some books to reinforce the MindUp definition of kindness which ties it to mindfulness. Kindness means caring about or helping someone or something. It is a mindful choice. In kindergarten and first grade I teach 2 lessons on most themes (20 minutes) and 1 lesson (30 minutes) in grades 2-5.

Most kindergarten students perform small acts of kindness frequently. I use this book to talk about what it looks like and sounds like to be kind (see Anchor chart). There are other ideas that you might use for extension activities like may a class book how_can_i_be_kind_unit_intro.pdf The "Be Kind" handout has students draw and label a heart with what kindness looks like and sounds like.

For my second lesson on kindness in kindergarten I read What Does It Mean To Be Kind?
I am fortunate to have a PTA that buys me the books for my lessons but if you do not own this book there is a good reading For lesson plan ideas for this book check out kindnessadventure

Kindness is Cooler Mrs. Ruler shows how a teacher makes a difference when she stops mean behavior and then reinforces acts of kindness. Since I do 2 lessons in first grade on kindness the first time I have the children draw and label two picture of ways to be kind at home and schools. Again if you are not lucky enough to own this book there is a good reading of it at

MindUp encourages using pleasant memories to prime the brain for happiness and to be kind. I use recalling a happy memory as the hook for my second lesson on kindness in first grade illustrates very quickly how one small random act of kindness can spread like a ripple. In my second lesson identify who they can be kind to - they are encouraged to list self, people they know, and the larger community.  The handout explains the lesson to parents (top paragraph) and asks them to write a happy memory. This is a very good lesson plan to guide discussion of the book OMary.pdf

I used Ripple's Effect last year for the first time to teach kindness to second grade. I used materials from ripples_effect_lesson_plan to supplement the MindUp curriculum.

Each Kindness is a wonderful book that also talks about how an act of kindness can spread and missed opportunities to be kind. There are several resources for lesson plans for this book but this is the one I use for third grade each-kindness

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