Saturday, February 4, 2017

Spread the Word: NSCW

It is almost National School Counseling Week (NSCW) and I hope all school counselors will use this as an opportunity to promote their counseling programs. Branding and marketing create engagement with stakeholders. These 2 slides are from a presentation my part-time counselor and I did a few years ago for the Virginia School Counselor Association Annual Conference. The entire PowerPoint is available at www.livebinders When you think of your marketing plan for NSCW consider your particular stakeholders and community. Our district counseling supervisor presented to our school board a few nights ago and our superintendent and a board member were invited to make opening remarks at our all day inservice yesterday. My principal recognized NSCW at our staff meeting this past Thursday. I will be tweeting out every day this week and sending my tweets to the feed followed by our school board members and senior staff. I have the flyer I shared last week hanging in key locations in my school because we are predominantly a walking school so parents are in the building daily. I also will be a walking advertisement this w eek wearing all my counseling logo gear! I will use the free tools from ASCA I am advocating for a better raitio elementary counselors so we need to let our stakeholders know we work with ALL students. I hope all school counselors take advantage of NSCW to brand and market school counseling.

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