Thursday, February 9, 2017

I love being a school counselor #NSCW17

We got a harsh reminder if why it is so important for us to inform stakeholders about our programs. After our Counseling Supervisor gave our school board the annual update on the counseling program and suggested adding a career specialist at each middle school and more elementary counselors, a board member responded that the money is not in the budget for additional staff. It was suggested that teachers could do academic advising and she mentioned a school that does not have a counselor as a model. At our monthly meeting this week there was a lot of venting about the board comments. We concluded that we need to be more proactive in informing stakeholders about all the components of our program and especially the need for mental health support. This morning I tweeted this picture to my school board not because I love having my picture taken but because I want every student to have good access to school counseling. I am wearing my "iHelp" t-shirt that is the logo we use to brand our program.

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