Tuesday, February 7, 2017

School Not Guidance Counselor

I really appreciate the hard work of ASCA and the state branches advocating and supporting school counseling programs based on the ASCA National Model.I encourage you all to purchase the t-shirt and mugs sporting this logo which brands us as school counselors.catalog

Three years ago the Virginia School Counselors were successful in lobbying the Department of Education to change the language at the state level from guidance counselors to school counselors. That was an important step because now our state certification reads "School Counselor PreK-12."

At the local level it is important we continue to let stakeholders know we are School Counselors who lead comprehensive programs and do so much more than the academic "guidance" of the past. It is small things like the signs on our office doors that read "Guidance Office" when they should say "School Counseling Office" or "School Counselor." It educating our teachers that we deliver the School Counseling Core Curriculum preparing our students for the future not the vocational guidance of the past century.

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