Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book to Explain Brain to Help Children Self-Regulate

Julie Mendenhall, School Counselor, has written and published another great resource for counseling. "Sunny Shifts His Brain". The book teaches students in grades Prekindergarten to Grade 3 a little about the brain and then explains to children how to use two simple strategies: 1 Check: Learn when I need to change my behavior. and 2) Crisscross and Shift: Learn how to cross arms/legs and "shift" to clearer thinking. Crisscross is a concept I have been sharing with students, teachers, and parents for years that I believe comes from Brain Gym (learn more at braingym.org). I have shared these strategies with several teachers of children who need help developing self-regulation. This book is very useful to some of my students who have OCD type symptoms if not a formal diagnosis. It is one of several terrific resources for explaining and teaching self-regulation available at youthlight.com
Julie has presented this brain-based research to counselors and her PowerPoint is available on her website juliemendenhall.com

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