Thursday, March 16, 2017

Superheroes Unmasked

Steven Hitt and Ellen G. Stewart have put together Superheroes Unmasked: An Amazing Approach to Helping Children Learn Social/Emotional Insights and Skills that is published by youthlight Stewart is a certified school counselor and art therapist. Hitt is the Managing Director for the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center and Assistant Professor of Dance. The developers researched the theory of superhero stories and play. The curriculum guide includes 15 lessons which are aimed at grades 2-6. I am using it as a basis for an 8 session Tier 2 small group for third grade boys. I did 
Session 1: Superheroes, Self-Awareness & Self-Esteem
Session 2: Listening is a Superpower
Sessions 3-7 based on "SUPER" (there are multiple activities for each letter so I selected based on needs of my group members) 
U=Understand the situation
P=Place yourself in their shoes
E=Encourage other ideas
R=Respond appropriately
Session 8:Super Mission Quest
Superheroes Unmasked would make a great after-school club curriculum because there are well developed lessons and many supplemental activities. There are 70 activities and games included aimed at kids becoming positive change agents.

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