Friday, March 3, 2017


Every child has a unique way of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. I often start groups with one of these books to get to know more about one another. "I like myself! I’m glad I’m me. There’s no one else I’d rather be"... Karen Beaumont's words send kids a powerful message. After reading her rhyming book I Like Myself  to kindergarten or first graders I usually have the last line "I like myself because I'm ME!" on a paper and have students draw and right what they like about themselves. Odd Velvet by Mary Witcomb is a great book for second grade to encourage celebrating being yourself. (It can also be used for name-calling.) In a small group you can do a round and have each student say something unique or special about yourself then keep going around until all members can recall everyone's name and something special about them. Self-portraits are also a good activity for most of these books,

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