Sunday, March 19, 2017

Books about Depression for Kids

Like most school counselors I like to have a variety of books to share with students related to a specific concern or a strategy or skill to manage an issue or symptom.  Seeing characters in books going through something similar to the child normalizes it. Most children understand that is they write a book about it, then it must be pretty common. Here are some of the books on my bookshelf I use with students who feel depressed.
Bowden    I Just Want to be Me
Cook        Blueloon
Crist         What to Do When You Are Cranky and Blue (Grades 4-5)
Foley        Danny and the Blue Cloud
Jones        The Princess and the Fog
Malcolm   Meh: A Story About Depression
McIntyre   How Frederick Found His Light
McKee      Elmer and the Rainbow
Miles         Move Your Mood
Mundy       Sad Isn't Bad

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