Friday, March 6, 2015

Problem Solving 4 Step STOP model

Our theme for classroom lessons in March is problem solving.  It is helpful to teach one model to the entire school at all grade levels.  Obviously this facilitates repeated exposure to the concepts an a higher likelihood the students will know if when they need to solve "kid size" problems.  Most schools use a 4 step model like STAR Decision Making or STEPs (from Second Step).  We use STOP because I prefer the key terms and since we use Steps to Respect for our bullying program I want to keep them separate.  STOP stands for Stop, Think, Options, and Plan.  As the students get older we encourage them to come up with more options and introduce that compromise or win-win is often the preferred option. You can introduce problem solving with a skit, a short video, use the picture cards from Second Step, or make a Smartboard or PowerPoint lesson.  I am always on the look out for good books on problem solving but I have not been as successful as with our other themes. Here are the resources I pull from to create my lessonschallengingchildren/problem-solving-with-stop second-step/elementary

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