Monday, January 23, 2017

Got Grit?

Tom Carr, a retired school counselor, thinks hard hats, rope, and running shoes symbolize grit. Carr, like others, believes grit is more important than grades. The Second Edition (2015) Got Grit? is an entertaining collection of true stories of people who had tenacity, perseverance, and who overcame major adversities in their lives. He developed a program in his school to develop "true grit" in four steps: 
Getting along with others (social skills); 
Responsibility (to family, community, church, country, learning, health, nutrition, fitness); 
Integrity (honesty, kindness, compassion, sincerity); 
Tenacity (perseverance, determination).
The book provides ideas about how to implement a Got GRIT program in a class or school-wide.
The Lesson Guide book (2016) and CD offers 24 lessons and activities that can be used in combination with the book (recommended) or independently to teach GRIT to students in grades 3-8. Each of the 4 steps has six lessons. I really like the discussion and lesson on "The Gift of Pain" and a personal GPS (Grit + Pain = Success). To learn more about Got GRIT see 
To order these 2 books go to While you are on the Youthlight site check out the other 8 books Carr has published. I always like resources that were developed by practicing school counselors because they generally are easy to adapt to my own program. For example, I am planning to use 1-2 of the lessons in my tier 1 classroom lessons in grades 3-5 and the rest in small tier 2 groups.

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