Sunday, January 22, 2017

Promoting Optimism

Research has identified three distinct clusters of character strengths: Strengths of Will, Strengths of Heart, and Strengths of Mind. Growth Mindset, Grit, and Optimism are all strengths of will. These strengths are what you might call the “doing” strengths. They help you achieve your goals. Free posters with the character traits are availble free to download at The site also has a Character Growth Card that can be used for teachers and students to assess 8 character strengths. For example:
Finished whatever s/he began
Stuck with a project or activity for more than a few weeks
Tried very hard even after experiencing failure
Stayed committed to goals
Kept working hard even when s/he felt like quitting
Believed that effort would improve his/her future
When bad things happened, s/he thought about things they could do to
make it better next time
Stayed motivated, even when things didn’t go well
Believed that s/he could improve on things they weren’t good at
This is very similar to the KIPP Character Report Card

Our school system uses the MindUp program developed by the Hawn Foundation in Kindergarten through grade 8. The curriculum has a whole unit on "It's All About Attitude" including a lesson on Choosing Optimism and a recommended reading list Mind-Up-Optimism_sm.pdf

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