Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Choose Kindness Theme: Reading About Kindness Makes Your Brain Happy

Reading About Kindness Makes Your Brain Happy
The Counseling Programs theme for February is Choose Kindness. We are implementing MindUp by the Hawn Foundation this year and the curriculum includes some good lessons to promote optimism, gratitude, and kindness. It makes the connection to mindfulness by teaching Kindness means caring about or helping someone or something. It is a mindful choice. This bulletin board was designed by our talented School-based Sub who makes most of my bulletin boards. It displays the covers of books that appeal to kindergarten through grade 5, including some of those I read aloud in K-grade 3. Kindness makes the doer, recipient, and observer of the act happier. We wanted to make it easy for children to find books about people who choose kindness.

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