Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No Name Calling Week Wrinkled Ralph Lesson

Second Step first grade lesson "Handling Name-Calling" teaches students to first breathe to calm down, try ignoring, and if it continues be assertive. Tell the other child "I don't like being called that name. I want you to stop." If it continues, tell an adult. I use wrinkled Ralph as the hook for the lesson. I begin with a blank outline and just the name tag that says Ralph. I then talk about how sometimes kids make fun and change peers names like "Rotten Ralph" and then discuss other common types of name-Calling (appearance, skills, etc.). The red labels have mean names and I wrinkle the figure as I stick them on the outline. You can take them off and let them see the wrinkles are still there - just like mean names get stuck in a person's head. The Blushful Hippopotamus is a cute story where the hippo's sister calls him mean names, but his friend changes them all into kind words. I have them write down 6 kind things to say to a peer, like the friend in the book. The main idea of the lesson is "Words Can and Do Hurt" and school is always a No Name-Calling Zone, not just this week.

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