Thursday, January 12, 2017

Historical Picture Book on Segregation

I was about the same age as the girls in this book when I realized black kids had separate and unequal schools. Growing up in a all white neighborhood I did not realize many of the limits placed on people of color. One summer my camp went to the black school to play volleyball. I had never been in a run down school with ceiling tiles falling and a ripped net. That is when I really got it that all kids were not being treated equally. My second realization came when my brother wanted his black friend to come to his Halloween Party and my mom told him if he included that friend they could not trick-or-treat because many of our neighbors would not open their door if a black child knocked. My brother never went trick-or-treating again. This book does a terrific job of showing how some black people "fought" against Jom Crow by supporting one another. It is a perfect read aloud as we approach MLK day.

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