Sunday, January 29, 2017

The WorryWoo series helps children in grades 1-3 understand emotions and how to cope with them. Andi Green created the charming WorryWoo monsters and has a web site with free lesson plans I use the books in small tier 2 groups aimed at emotional and self regulation. The students love them! My favorite is Don't Feed the Worry Bug so I was excited to find that Green had teamed up with Dr. John to offer advice to parents on how to help children manage feelings.

I first purchased Helping Young Worriers Beat the WorryBug: A Practical and Fun-filled Guide of Therapeutic Ideas and Activities, a practical, 41 page guide designed to support anyone interested in helping children thrive emotionally. Written by Australian Child-psychologist Dr. John Irvine and illustrated by Andi Green, this guide helps children and their parents evaluate, understand and beat the WorryBug. This booklet focuses on anxiety which is the top referral reason at my school. The first part explains anxiety, then Dr. John explains how mindfulness and thought beating coupled with games and activities can reduce the WorryBug with positive and engaging strategies for children. It contains lots of great ideas to suggest to parents of the children in my groups. He has a very helpful "Corner" on the WorryWoos web page like this one on "The Amygdala HiJack" amygdala-hi-jack He has  written booklets to accompany each of the WorryWoo books.

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