Monday, January 23, 2017

The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and Other Success Skills Every Student Needs

In Fostering Grit (2013) Thomas R. Hoerr defined grit as tenacity, perseverance, hanging in, and not giving up. Hoerr showed what teaching for grit looks like and provided a sample lesson plan and self-assessments, along with a six-step process applicable across grade levels and content areas to help students build skills they need to succeed in school and in life. The steps for developing grit in students: 1) Establishing the environment; 2) Setting expectations; 3) Teaching the vocabulary; 4) Creating frustration; 5) Monitoring the experience; and 6) Reflecting and learning.
In Hoerr's new book educators will learn how to foster the Formative Five (2017) success skills that today's students need, including
Empathy: learning to see the world through others' perspectives.
Self-control: cultivating the abilities to focus and delay self-gratification.
Integrity: recognizing right from wrong and practicing ethical behavior.
Embracing diversity: recognizing and appreciating human differences.
Grit: persevering in the face of challenge.
The book has a Student Self-Assessment Survey for each of the five skills.
Both these books are published by ASCD so it should be no surprise that the Formative Five relate to all five "Whole Child Tenets": 1) Healthy; 2) Safe; 3) Engaged; 4) Supported; and 5) Challenged.

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